Peaky blinder saison 4 casting

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Policeman uncredited 1 episode, Alison Harris It looks like Tommy's time on this mortal plane could be up. Billy Lovelock uncredited 5 episodes, Allan Hopwood

Tom Foundry Worker uncredited 2 episodes, Oswald Mosley 7 episodes, Vicente Changretta 2 episodes, Jimmy McCavern 6 episodes, Kevin Metcalfe Factory Worker uncredited 1 episode, Bonnie 1 episode, Rupert Procter

Local Resident uncredited 1 episode, Frances 4 .

  • Aberama Gold 10 episodes, Charlie Murphy Communist Worker uncredited 2 episodes, Adam Weldrick
  • Business Man 1 episode, Lorraine Horgan


Peaky Gang Member uncredited 2 episodes, Floor Runner 6 episodes, Georgie Ward Finn Shelby 6 episodes, Noah Taylor Audrey Changretta 2 episodes, Dressing Props 6 episodes, Adele Hayter Sir Ian Carleton 1 episode,

  • Eamonn Duggan 1 episode,
  • Derby Bartender uncredited 1 episode, William Bale

Lady 4 1 episode, Paul Anderson, Lizzy McInnerny They were finally out. Bonnie Gold 5 ep. Father John Hughes 4 episod.

Who is Adrien Brody?

Billy Kitchen 3 episodes, Lobo Chan Mickey Gibbs 3 episodes, Stephanie Hyam Niall Devlin 4 episodes,

Jessie Eden 8 episodes, Daniel Preece 2 epis.

Peaky blinders saison 4 casting

Alfie Solomons 11 episodes, Benjamin Zephaniah Movies and series watched. Governor 2 episodes, John Shelby 21 episodes, Captain Swing 1 episode,

Vicente Changretta 2 episodes, Daniel Preece .

Who is Luca Changretta?

I hope you guys will enjoy this.! He genuinely was the actor in my head when I wrote the part. Gambler uncredited 1 episode,

Uniformed Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, alias Arthur Shelby, Graham Parrington. Sandra 1 e.

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    Billy Boy 5 episodes,