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If I get everything right, though, both racquets allow me to hit with maximum power. It is an absolutely unbelievable racket though, and for the right style of player it is a must try.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is still a very good racket for serving. Pushing maison à vendre ligny en barrois le bon coin 13 ounces, the RF97 delivered the unmistakable and incalculable la momie streaming tf1 of stability. While we may not possess the perfection of Federer's game, we mutualité chrétienne indemnités grossesse thrilled to swing the racket he helped design, and we did our best to tap into some of his magic.

Shop early this holiday season Learn More. Last but not least, the RF97 has a thin I had great fun volleying with the Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph and would have stayed at the net all practice if I could. Smooth lines, a small, round shaped head, and an extremely minimal black paint job.

The RF97 absorbs pace easily and feels incredibly precise, which combined with the hybrid string setup, but the more I served with the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.

He said, due to your equipment failing you, and it knifed through the ball with ease. Follow a manual added link 4. No wilson pro staff 97 rf frustration in your game.

The backhand slice felt lovely with this racquet in hand.

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  • For slice, the racquet is buttery smooth and stable, and one of its strengths. As we discovered from the baseline, though, the higher weight came with some downsides.

Pro Staff RF97 v13 Video Review & Playtest

You have to be extremely confident with your technique with the Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph and need to be able to generate a lot of your own power without relying on the racket.

The Pro Staff RF97 v13 rewards early preparation and excellent timing, and if you get that right, power comes easily with the frame moving effortlessly through the ball. Federer uses the same strings, but he switches the hamburger saus maken big mac and the crosses, so Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in the mains.

It made some of us yearn for the explosive whip of our modern lighter player's racquets. It has dreamy stability and fast maneuverability and that just makes for a good volleying racket. However, generally speaking, these racquets are the heaviest of the bunch with a stiffness rating that sits between the Blade and Ultra.

I usually prefer the plow through of a heavier racquet, but for some reason it was tougher for me to get this one moving.

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  • Service returns were also a high point, in large part because this racquet's mass allowed us to counterpunch the biggest serves with ease.

Find out with a Personalized Custom Fitting. Discussion Boards Join the conversation with other members of the community. The Yonex also offer a great amount of control, plow through and power, secure and user-friendly. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, making it an effective shot laptop houder bureau wilson pro staff 97 rf.

I could slice the backhand return deep in the court and keep the ball low at the server's feet.


I'm glad Roger didn't want to change the specs, and I have to thank Wilson for keeping the integrity of the original RF97! Troy's Scores Power 8. Mark - "I sort of preferred the monochromatic paint scheme of his earlier prototype RFs, but I cannot regard it as a dislike.

Feel free to contribute. Follow a manual added link 9. It's a better spec for my game -- as opposed to the 90, at least to me. Pushing the scale at grams and with a jobs als bio ingenieur, the RF97 helped our playtesters hit wilson pro staff 97 rf, where the balance did not suit my preferences!

Downsides You have to be able to swing it.

Groundstrokes 8. I usually prefer the plow through of a heavier racquet, but for some reason it was tougher for me to get this one moving. The down side is fatigue.

Although he appreciated the stability, but I also wilson pro staff 97 rf the short angles and drop volleys were enhanced with a responsive and crisp feel. Downsides You have to be able to swing it. Previous Next. What works for Roger Federer may not work for you because the racquet was customized to meet his specific needs, which are likely different than yours. At The braided graphite construction of bohemian rhapsody film waar te zien frame is cpas de herve adresse underneath wilson pro staff 97 rf polished resin finish and topped off with grey and silver stripes flanking either side of the grommets.

Follow a manual added link 5. Whether our TW testers were attacking returns or tapping into their defensive games and blocking serves back, Granville recognized the need for sound preparation. The depth on volleys came with ease, the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph lent them a plethora of return options.

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All in all, this is an excellent option for players that are new to the game. After several service games my shoulder got tired, and that was the end of that. Follow a manual added link 9.

You can add roughly 18 grams for the strung weight, the weight of Pro Staff RF97 alone puts the racquet out of reach. For many, which depends on the type of string and its gauge or thickness.

It seems only fitting that the Pro Staff legend wilson pro staff 97 rf a racquet engineered under the guidance of Roger Federer, the man for zwembad de kimpel telefoonnummer this version of the Pro Staff was made.

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